Colorfle Game

Welcome to Colorfle, it is more than just a game; it’s a daily ritual of color exploration and problem-solving. At its core, Colorfle presents players with a captivating puzzle composed of three unique colors mixed together. Your mission? To match this enigmatic target color within six tries.

What is Colorfle?

Imagine being presented with a canvas of colors, and you must craft a guess that closely mirrors the elusive target color. Your guess comprises percentages of three primary colors: blue, red, and yellow. The more accurate your guess, the closer you get to the target color.

The real challenge lies in achieving the coveted Color Accuracy. It’s not just about hitting the right colors; it’s about hitting them in the right proportions. Reaching 100% Color Accuracy is the ultimate achievement, symbolized by vibrant green highlights. If you have the correct colors but in the wrong spots, they’ll be highlighted in yellow. An entirely off-base guess won’t receive any highlights.

How to Play!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play Colorfle:

  1. Visit Colorfle: Access the Kolorfle website or mobile app.
  2. Daily Challenge: Every day at 5 PM local time, a new daily Colorfle puzzle awaits you. Click on the day’s challenge to begin.
  3. Compose Your Guess: You have six attempts to guess the target color. Click and adjust the percentages of blue, red, and yellow to craft your guess.
  4. Submit Your Guess: Once you’re satisfied with your color composition, submit your guess.
  5. Analyze the Result: Colorfle will provide feedback on your guess, highlighting correct colors and their accuracy. Strive for 100% Color Accuracy!
  6. Repeat and Improve: You can continue to refine your guess with each attempt until you achieve the perfect match or run out of tries.

Tips & Tricks for Mastering Colorfle

Here are some useful tips that you can try while playing Colorfle Game.

  1. Observe Color Patterns: Pay attention to the patterns and combinations of colors in each puzzle. This observation can guide your guesses.
  2. Start with Dominant Colors: Begin your guess with the color that seems most dominant in the target color composition.
  3. Experiment and Learn: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different color compositions. Each guess provides valuable information for subsequent attempts.
  4. Use Mathematical Logic: Apply logical thinking and math skills to deduce the correct color proportions.
  5. Colorfle Unlimited: Play Colorfle Unlimited and practice your skills so no one can defeat you in Daily Kolorfle.

Benefits of Playing Colorfle

  1. Mental Stimulation: Colorfle challenges your problem-solving and analytical skills, keeping your mind sharp and active.
  2. Creativity Enhancement: Crafting color compositions encourages creative thinking and a deeper appreciation of color aesthetics.
  3. Daily Ritual: Colorfle’s daily challenges add a delightful ritual to your routine, offering a sense of achievement with each solved puzzle.
  4. Social Interaction: Share your Colorfle experiences on social media, inviting friends and family to join the fun and fostering friendly competition.
  5. Relaxation and Mindfulness: Engaging with Colorfle can be a calming and meditative experience, helping you unwind after a long day.


Colorfle is more than just a game; it’s a journey into the world of colors, puzzles, and cognitive engagement. So, are you ready to embark on the Colorfle challenge today? Immerse yourself in the world of colors, test your perception, and enjoy the daily puzzle adventure!